Birthing Cave in Sedona Arizona

Birthing Cave


Mileage: 1.9
Elevation gain: 280 feet
Time to complete: 1-2 hours
Stars: ★★★
Difficulty: 1/5 (Ratings explained)
Mostly flat, a few rocky steps at the end

Visit one of Sedona’s famous caves on this family-friendly adventure to the Birthing Cave. The trail is generally flat and easy, but there are a few rocky steps at the end that small kids might need help on. Enjoy beautiful views of Sedona from inside the cave.

Trail Description

This hike begins from the Long Canyon Trailhead, which has a roadside parking area along Long Canyon Road. There are plenty of places to park, but vehicles with lower clearance should take care to find a spot where the road is more even with the dirt.

Long Canyon Trail

The trail starts out flat and wide, following what used to be a road, and passes through a nice forested area with opportunities for shade.

Long Canyon Trail in Sedona, Arizona

I mean, it’s so easy that apparently people are doing it in all kinds of shoes. Looks like we’ve got Vans, Converse, and maybe even some Birkenstocks in there.

Footprints on Long Canyon Trail

Keep your eye out for a fork to the left that goes onto another flat, well-traveled trail. There may be branches blocking the path to keep people from wandering off Long Canyon Trail, but you WANT to leave the official trail to go to the Birthing Cave.

Trail to the Birthing Cave in Sedona, Arizona
Turn left here!

As you follow this trail, you should be able to get a glimpse of the cave that you’re heading to. Keep it in your sights. As long as you’re following a path and heading that direction, you’re doing great.

View of the Birthing Cave in Sedona, Arizona

Close to the cave, there are some spur trails that seem to go every which way. Look for an obvious right turn to go up to the cave. Don’t worry if you miss the first one because you still have a chance to find the second one. We took one of them on the way in, and the other on the way out (not on purpose, but it was all good).

Birthing Cave

The trail suddenly gets steeper at the end, and there are some rocky steps that small kids may need help with, but this section is really short. Soon you’ll find yourself inside the cave.

View from inside the Birthing Cave in Sedona, Arizona

And you may also find yourself with a dozen new friends. We waited for it to clear out a little to take a cover photo, but we were never alone. It’s Sedona, it’s an easy hike, it’s a cave, and—oh yeah—we went on a holiday weekend. Don’t expect solitude.

Daring (or foolish?) people can climb up into a small alcove at the back of the cave. The sides of the cave are slanted and slippery, so maybe just get a wide angle shot and call it good.

Map & Directions

Location Long Canyon Trail, Sedona, Arizona

Google Maps Long Canyon Trailhead

Fees/Passes None

Trailhead Facilities None

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