• Spider Rock Overlook at Canyon de Chelly

    The Best of Canyon de Chelly

    Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de-SHAY) gives you a glimpse into the rich history of Native American peoples who have occupied the land for thousands of years.

  • Six Great Arizona Backpacking Trips

    With both deserts and forests, Arizona has a backpacking destination for pretty much every season. Here are six of our favorites!

  • The women of WildPathsAZ on a peak

    Ten Awesome Arizona Peaks that Aren’t Humphrey’s

    Arizona is a wonderfully diverse state with so many incredible mountains. But some mountains become popular to the point that they’re the only ones people think of when they want to climb one. I’ve got news for you. Arizona is not a one-hit wonder. Check out these rewarding trails to Arizona peaks and summits all […]

  • Coconino Overlook north rim Grand Canyon

    Best Overlooks on Grand Canyon’s North Rim

    A guide to the main overlooks of the Grand Canyon’s north rim.

  • The women of WildPathsAZ in a tent at Charlebois Spring

    Best Backpacking Tips

    Even seasoned backpackers can learn another trick or two for their next backpacking trip from the experience and advice of others. That’s why I recently asked the question in the Women over 40 who Hike and Backpack group on Facebook, “What is your number one backpacking tip or trick?” Their answers taught me a thing […]

  • Crowds on the summit of Camelback Mountain

    Camelback Mountain: The Most Overrated Hike in Arizona

    If you’ve ever been hiking in Arizona, chances are you know about Camelback Mountain. And chances are also good you’ve even hiked it. Know why? Because everybody does. Everyone. All the people. Honestly, I liked it the first time I went. The railings made it kind of interesting, and the rock formations are cool. So […]

  • Best hikes in the Superstition Mountains

    Five Epic Hikes in the Superstitions

    I’ve come close to hiking every trail (and non-trail) in the western Superstitions. So I feel pretty confident in saying these are the best and most epic hikes in the Superstition Wilderness.

  • Best canyoneering ropes

    Best Canyoneering Ropes

    After researching pretty much every static canyoneering rope I could find, I came up with three that topped my list. It’s important to point out that I have actually used all three of these ropes in a canyoneering setting. One is my old rope, one is my friend’s rope, and one is my new rope, […]

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