Waterfall Hikes in Tucson, Arizona

Hike to These 5 Waterfalls in Tucson

When you get a lot of rain in the desert, there’s only one reasonable thing to do: chase waterfalls!

The mountains surrounding Tucson offer plenty of opportunities to get your fix. Try these 5 waterfalls the next time it rains.

Sabino Canyon Waterfall

10.5 miles
1596 ft gain

This waterfall is close to the last stop of the Sabino Canyon Crawler, but the catch is that the tram doesn’t go to the last stop when water flow conditions are prime for this waterfall, so you’ll have to do some hiking.

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Sabino Canyon Waterfall
Bridal Wreath Falls Saguaro National Park Tucson Arizona

Bridal Wreath Falls

5.9 miles
1147 ft gain

Inside Saguaro National Park, this pretty little waterfall has multiple tiers.

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Seven Falls

8.5 miles
3628 ft gain

Probably the most popular waterfall on this hike, and for good reason. This waterfall cascades down multiple levels on its way down the canyon, and adventurous hikers can get to some of the higher tiers. You can shorten the hike significantly by taking the tram.

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Seven Falls in Tucson, Arizona
Tanque Verde Falls in Tucson, Arizona

Tanque Verde Falls

2.0 miles
651 ft gain

When this waterfall gets going, it’s truly a sight to behold. The hike from the bottom is difficult in times of high flow, but you can also approach from the top.

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Chiva Falls

8.5 miles
1264 ft gain

Here’s your chance to walk behind a waterfall. People with serious off-roading vehicles can drive right up to this one, but most people will prefer to walk the road. The hike is not scenic, but the falls are impressive.

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Chiva Falls in Tucson, Arizona

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