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Ten Awesome Arizona Peaks that Aren’t Humphrey’s

Arizona is a wonderfully diverse state with so many incredible mountains. But some mountains become popular to the point that they’re the only ones people think of when they want to climb one.

I’ve got news for you. Arizona is not a one-hit wonder. Check out these rewarding trails to Arizona peaks and summits all over the state, listed from most to least difficult.

#1 Mount Wrightson, Tucson

Near the bottom of the state is an unexpected jewel of a mountain, full of wildlife and lush forest.

The stats
11.2 mi
4070 ft elevation gain

The full report
Mount Wrightson

Summit of Mount Wrightson in the Santa Rita Mountains of Coronado National Forest
Wilson Mountain Sedona

#2 Wilson Mountain, Sedona

The tallest mountain in Sedona offers two amazing viewpoints: one of the city and the other of the wilderness.

The stats
12.3 mi
2887 ft elevation gain

The full report
Wilson Mountain

#3 Superstition Peak, Mesa

The crown jewel of the Superstition Ridgeline offers expansive 360-degree views.

The stats
7.5 mi
3106 ft elevation gain

The full report
Superstition Peak 5057

Superstition Peak 5057 in Superstition Mountains Tonto National Forest
Thompson Peak in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

#4 Thompson Peak, Fountain Hills

Sandwiched between Fountain Hills and Scottsdale is this really steep hike up an old Jeep road to radio towers.

The stats
9.5 mi
2572 ft elevation gain

The full report
Thompson Peak

#5 Elden Lookout, Flagstaff

Starting right in the city of Flagstaff is this strenuous hike through a beautiful forest to a fire lookout tower.

The stats
5.3 mi
2306 ft elevation gain

The full report
Elden Lookout

Elden Lookout Flagstaff
Picketpost Mountain near Superior Arizona in Tonto National Forest

#6 Picketpost Mountain, Superior

One of the prettiest mountains in Arizona, Picketpost rises from the desert with a prominence of 1455 feet.

The stats
3.9 mi
2129 ft elevation gain

The full report
Picketpost Mountain

#7 Browns Peak, Four Peaks

The highest point in Maricopa County challenges you with the infamous “scree chute.”

The stats
4.7 mi
2042 ft elevation gain

The full report
Browns Peak

Brown's Peak and the other peaks of Four Peaks in Tonto National Forest
Summit of Spruce Mountain Prescott

#8 Spruce Mountain, Prescott

One of the best smelling hikes ever (for real) on a loop trail that visits a fire lookout tower at the top.

The stats
9.6 mi
1795 ft elevation gain

The full report
Spruce Mountain

#9 Wasson Peak, Tucson

The highest point in Saguaro National Park boasts an insane variety of saguaro cactuses and an old mine on its way to a peak with excellent views of the park.

The stats
8.1 mi
2206 ft elevation gain

The full report
Wasson Peak

Wasson Peak Saguaro National Park Tucson
Granite Mountain Prescott Arizona

#10 Granite Mountain, Prescott

A more desert-like hike than you might expect in Prescott with interesting boulder shapes and an optional spicy scramble to the summit.

The stats
8.0 mi
1791 ft elevation gain

The full report
Granite Mountain

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